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Site updated!

I've updated Drupal to v 6.13 as well as many of the modules. Also added another 20 or so users, hopefully some of them are active :)

There's also now a feed above that shows most recent project, forum, and project posts.

Site updates, user registration faux pas

Been a while since I posted on here. My design and development work (my real job) has been on the up-and-up, which is a great thing but has also stolen time away from side projects like this. Upon checking things out this evening I realized that there were a few dozen (and about a hundred fake) requests for accounts that had not been granted. These go back a couple of months, and I just wanted to apologize to anyone that may see this and was trying to get an account setup on here. It's a big mistake of mine and I hope hasn't hurt the growth of the site too much :(

(this was a result of request emails that had gone to a secondary email account's spam folder and certainly shouldn't have been overlooked -- while I'm on the matter, if anyone would like to help administer the site on a more "superuser" basis please shoot me a message on here or to my email [charlie at csdesignco dot com] and let me know!)

On a secondary note, I will be performing some big site updates and adding some more cool features this week. I will post an update when it's been handled. Thanks to everyone that's been discussing and posting on here.

Get involved!: Ocarina of Time retexturing SDK

The intention of this rushed page is pointing out were you will find everything you need to know to start retexturing, provided you have photoshop.


  • Technical knowledge
  • Artistic knowledge
  • Material to work with
  • Texture references
  • Tools

Find it in the tutorials section or here.

Two new Tutorials posted

 I made two new tutorials aimed at beginners:


Basic Environment Textures - Part I (Easy)


 In this tutorial you will learn, how to create a simple environment texture (in this case: sand). You can use this on most simple rather single colored environments like grass, grock walls, dirt...

Some techniques this tutorial will cover:

  • Make a texture tiling using the clone brush
  • Use the color of the original texture
  • Use some shading of the original
  • Use color match

Go to the tutorial


Basic Environment Textures - Part II (Easy)


 In this tutorial, you will learn how to combine different environmental textures to create a new one. This is especially usefull, when you do whole areas.


If you have not watched Part I you should do this now.

Here are some techniques we will cover:

  • Working with layers
  • Use a layer mask to blend textures
  • Use a clone brush

Go to the tutorial

Tutorial: How to do cartoon style textures like in mode7's Mario 64 pack?

  This tutorial leads you through the process of creating an earth wall texture from scratch. You will aquire all skills required to do these kind of textures, yet a graphics tablett is recommended.

The tutorial is in the attachments, as well as some psds you can use for further insight and reference (also containing the texture from the tutorial)

Mario Kart World Tour updated

Hey, here's a new update for my Mario Kart 64 pack! 


There are also 2 banners left, one more than really needed, but I'd like to throw out the EmuTalk banner due to its lack of colors.  Here's the newest addition:


VL-Tone is doing a great job on getting his object importer for Toad's Tool 64 done. :)

Site uploads and content editor

As mode7 pointed out, the dynamic content editor being used for body content has been acting up. This was a result of hacking away at it to force better integration into a site-wide upload system. This was a poor approach and has since been changed.

Contributors should now notice a "My files" link on the left hand side. This gives you personal storage space (200 MB) and an upload mechanism for any type of file you need. Therefore, users now 2 options for file uploads:

  1. Attach it to a node via the "File attachments" option when creating a blog entry, forum topic, etc. You can link to this file within the dynamic editor by copy-and-pasting the url of the attached file. If you'd like, you can uncheck the "listed" option for the file, which won't show it as an attachment but will show it wherever you linked it in your posting.
  2. Contributors can upload any filetype needed (large files, plugins, images, whatever) to their personal storage space and link to those files anywhere they'd wish.

Please shoot me a message if you have any issues with these options or if you've got any suggestions. I want the site to work in a way that best suits the needs of its users.

Ocarina of Time Update

Added a download for Hyrule Castle, The site seems to be broken somehow, so I post the download here
Update: Hyrule Castle

Smash Bros. Mayhem

I've created a project page for my Smash Bros. texture pack, which most of you should know from the forums. The most current version is included as download.

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