Mario Kart World Tour - another 2 Screenshots added

Frappe Snowland and Mario Raceway are complete by now.

Fixed the Randomly-locking-forum-threads

Sorry there weren't working properly.

Ocarina of Time - Update

  • Hyrule Castle Area is done, expect a release on Sunday.


File Uploads - Current Implementation, Feature Requests?

I know many of you have needed an easier file upload structure for a while. Attaching files to pages is fine for projects, blogs, forums, etc., but sometimes you'll need to have a file posted nowhere in particular and be able to link to it whenever needed (for PMs, emails, whatever). I have tried multiple Drupal modules for file management, but all of them force you to attach files to nodes, which is just not what I'm looking for. Then I realized that our dynamic text editor (FCKeditor) for posting content, messages, etc., allows for image and file uploads, and has a decent file browser. I've tinkered with the configuration I think this is the best solution, as files uploaded for one purpose are not limited to that purpose -- you can copy and paste the link anywhere you'd like.

Contributor's have a 20 MB upload limit per file and a 200 MB upload cap on their account. If anyone needs more than that, PM me and I will allocate it. This server has some file storage, but 200 MB * x users could add up, so I had to put the cap somewhere. Please let me know if you need more. Post a comment below for ideas, questions, or feature requests.

Mario Kart World Tour - Community tasks


I'm asking you to help me out



There are two tasks right now:


1. I've replaced three of Mario Kart's banners with Emutalk, N64Redux and EmuDesc banners and there are still two ones left. Feel free to post your ideas. Resolution should be 512x128.

2. Would someone like to vectorize the missing on screen maps? I've attached the original files. Resolution should be 1024 x aspect ratio.  Picked up by Charlie. :)


Charlie created a banner:

we-want-you.GIF110.09 KB
Maps.rar16.3 KB
Mario Kart 64 (U) snap0003.jpg118.51 KB
missingMaps.rar6.92 KB

Mario Kart World Tour - 2 Screenshots added

Interface created by Kerber.

Majora's Mask Project - Interface

I'm gonna release a pack, which includes the ingame interface (what I have done so far), some of the in game menu (text only) , and some of the intro menu (buttons and text- I know there are some text missing)

The point of this release is to show you guys what I have done, and for beta testing. So please report any problems in the Majora's Mask Project thread.

Release 1.zip2.1 MB

New Tutorial: Create a base texture from a photo - PART1: Finding and preparing a picture

I added another Tutorial. It's just a port of one I did some time ago.

update at last!

i have updated the project page once again and this time pictures are up. i will also make a thread in the forum. 

dont forget that anyone can help, so if you want to contribute then just pm me or post in the thread 

New video tutorial: Create a brick texture from original

This is my first video tutorial. It does not have audio but every step is commented and it should lead you trough the process safely. I even added some background information. So I could recommend this to beginners too. It is full resolution but the colors are reduced to save space.

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