i have now updated the pokemon stadium 2 page and put new downloads up including the now fully finished h.u.d. pictures have been taken down as im making new ones to be put up

Misc Updates to Site Functionality

Thanks to anyone who posted comments about broken or poorly working features. I have corrected many of these. The front page now only shows blog posts -- not blog posts and project updates, which as some of you pointed out were just crowding the front page. I've also added a chat feature (link above) for group collaboration on projects. It may be helpful since many people are often logged on at the same time. The chat sessions are archived, so content from those sessions will return in the Search area.

Also, I see some forum posts are immediately locking, while others are able to remain opened. mode7 had posts that went both ways. I'm looking into this and hope to get it resolved shortly. Thanks to everyone for your involvement.

Oh, as the front page now only shows blog entries, please feel free (contributors) to post a quick note whenever you've gotten a change made or have a request for a project. It will keep the site alive, keep news prominent, and increase our search engine visibility -- all which help the overall community. Thanks again.

Ocarina of time Update!

I've updated the site, Hyrule Field is finished and there's a download now. There are also two new videos avaiable.

Second update: The site has now a nice layout and screens available. 

We're Growing :)

Only up for a day or two and we've got 13 22 members. I'm really pleased that so many of you are eager to port your projects to this site. Let me know what I can do to help. We've got file uploads / user quotas up, advanced WYSIWYG editors for pages and forum posts, and other features to help. What else do any of you need to properly setup a project page? Are there any multimedia features needed? I'll gladly accomodate any suggestions that will help.

N64 Redux - Retexturing Projects for N64 Games

We're just now up and running. The site's theme and content will be changing rapidly as we configure our modules, get the forum running, etc., as well as start up project and tutorial areas to host the abundant content that's already available all over the web.

If you're interested in contributing, or have material that you've already created, please register for an account and make a post. We're eager to get things going.

If you have no idea what this is but are interested, send an email to

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