Mario Kart World Tour - Community tasks


I'm asking you to help me out



There are two tasks right now:


1. I've replaced three of Mario Kart's banners with Emutalk, N64Redux and EmuDesc banners and there are still two ones left. Feel free to post your ideas. Resolution should be 512x128.

2. Would someone like to vectorize the missing on screen maps? I've attached the original files. Resolution should be 1024 x aspect ratio.  Picked up by Charlie. :)


Charlie created a banner:

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The existing PNG's are way

The existing PNG's are way too small to enlarge and livetrace (or any equivalent). They need to be recreated with geometric tools. This can be done in Illustrator (preferred) or Photoshop, or CAD, or really whatever you want to use. Just make sure you start with a nice sized canvas (1024 x 1024) and use the method that you're comfortable with to make them.

Attached is a map I've recreated. They're simple, just takes a bit of time.

Hey charlie nice banner! How

Hey charlie nice banner!
How did you vectorize the tracks?
I tried inkscape and blowup but they both kind of gave up on the outline.

Heck yea! Howzabout an n64

Heck yea! Howzabout an n64 redux banner ^_^

I'll post that and the vectorized maps.